Luxurious Shabbat-To-Go Packages that feel like UAE and taste like Home.

How it Works

Shabbat-To-Go in 3 Easy Steps


Select your Shabbat package and choose between a one-time purchase or weekly subscription option


We handle a seamless Door-to-Door delivery so that you can receive your weekly packages without worry.


Sit down to experience the deluxe Shabbat at your table with the traditional freshly baked Challah and Shabbat items

What’s Inside

Delight your senses with our 5 Star Shabbat-To-Go experience. Breathe in the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked Challah. Sip on a glass of grape juice. Watch the flickering flames of the candles dance. Let body and soul unite in the sensation of Shabbat in the UAE. 

The traditional three-braided loaf is an eternal symbol of the Jewish nation’s commitment to God. Challah represents Dough. Quite literally, the money and materiality that keeps this world running. When we eat Challah on Shabbat, we remember that everything in this physical world has infinite spiritual potential.
Grape Juice
Kiddush, the holy blessing on a glass of grape juice, literally means “sanctification.” We sanctify Shabbat by verbally declaring it separate. Kiddush is an act of consciousness, when we mindfully choose to set the worries of the week aside and meditate on the beauty of the present moment.
Candle Light
In a world of darkness, one small flame shines even brighter. For thousands of years, the Jewish people have illuminated the hearts, minds and souls of humanity with the light of the Shabbat Candles. Mystically, the precious minutes just after lighting the Shabbat candles are an opportune time to pray for all that your heart desires.

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Shabbat-To-Go is the convenient, kosher way to get connected with your Jewish identity. Each of us yearn to live lives enriched by meaning, but sometimes it’s hard to make the first move. With Shabbat-To-Go, Shabbat will come to you. 

Everything you could possibly need to have a fulfilling weekend brimming with physical and spiritual pleasure will arrive at your doorstep. 

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have kept Shabbat alive on the three pillars of Challah, Kiddush, and Candle Light. Now it’s your turn. Experience Shabbat like you never have before— right here in the UAE.

The Shabbat-To-Go includes:

  • 2 Freshly Baked Challot
  • 1 Kedem grape juice bottle
  • 2 Shabbat Candles

The Secret of Shabbat

What is it about Shabbat that makes it so meaningful, so magical, and yet so mystifying to those who have never experienced it?

The Midrash reveals the secret to Shabbat in a succinct anecdote:

When the Jewish people gathered at the foot of Mount Sinai to receive the Torah, God promised them that Heaven would be their reward for keeping the commandments. The Jewish people protested, “How do we know that Heaven is a good reward? We never experienced it!”

God responded, “You’re right. I will give you a free sample of Heaven. It’s called Shabbat.”

Thus the Sages say: Shabbat is “a taste of Heaven on Earth." If Heaven is the bliss of spirituality unencumbered by material woes, then Shabbat is the unique taste of that experience.

For six days of the week, we engage with the world. We work, we plow. We plant seeds. When the seventh day comes around, we stop working. We turn off our phones. We reap the fruits of our labour. In a modern world of constant stimulation and never-ending pressure to compete, Shabbat is an oasis in time. It’s a spiritual space where we can disconnect from our worries and connect to our true identity, our soulful selves. We lose touch with the world and get in touch with God, and discover that nothing on Earth could be sweeter.

Shabbat is also a gift that keeps giving. After a rich and rejuvenating weekend, we return to our work renewed. We gain balance and perspective to recognize truth from illusion, an substance from emptiness. Do you want to taste a slice of Heaven?
It starts with you.


Thanks for making my weekend in Dubai so practical and enjoyable! It literally took me three minutes to sign up, and my wife and I had the perfect Shabbat in our hotel room... By the way, my wife wants your Challah recipe.

Lucy Hunt

Shabbat-To-Go is a dream come true! It used to take so much effort for me to arrange all the things I need for Shabbat on my trips to UAE, but now it’s so easy. I’m actually enjoying Shabbat more without all that hassle! Everything is scrumptious, meticulously packed and and designed to perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eliezer Mandelbaum

I don’t know what secret ingredient you put into your Challah, but I seriously couldn’t get enough! It tasted like home, family, Judaism and everything that Shabbat is all about rolled into one perfect package. I just switched my one-time subscription to a weekly one!

Mattie Sanders

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to feel proud of my Jewish identity here. There’s so much else going on all around me that I end up forgetting who I really am. Since I signed up for Shabbat-To-Go, every Friday morning I get a reminder on my doorstep. I see the lovingly packed, homemade Challah and the candles just waiting to be lit. It makes me excited to pause everything and welcome Shabbat. It makes my soul feel alive.

Pamela Rodriguez

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Shabbat?

Shabbat is observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. To find out the exact time to welcome Shabbat in Dubai, look at the footer of the site.

When will my order arrive?

Your individually wrapped, sanitized Shabbat-To-Go package will be delivered to your door on Friday before Shabbat!.

Is it too late for me to start a subscription?

It’s never too late! You can sign up any time.

Is the Challah fresh?

The golden brown crust and buttery soft texture will speak for itself! Yes, our succulent rolls are baked fresh every week in the 5 Star restaurant of the Armani Hotel.

Is everything Kosher?

Absolutely! We adhere to the highest orthodox kosher standards every step of the way. Our Challah is baked in a fully kosher kitchen where milk and meat are kept separate, eggs are inspected for blood, and all ingredients are stamped with an orthodox kosher certification.

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