Everything you need to make your own meaningful Seder at home

How it Works

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Select your Pesach Items and choose between a DIY seder package or Boxes of Matzo


We handle a seamless Door-to-Door delivery so that you can receive your weekly packages without worry.


Sit down to experience the Pesach Seder at your table with the traditionally baked Matzo and Seder Plate items

What’s Inside The DIY Seder?

Feel true freedom and celebrate the holiday with the authentic traditions. Eat Matzo, have some grape juice and feel the spirit with the other traditional Seder plate items.

Traditional Matzo
The traditional Hand baked Matzo. When our forefathers left Egypt, they were in such a hurry that there was no time to wait for the dough to rise. They therefore ate matzah, unleavened bread. With only this food (but with great faith), our ancestors relied on the Almighty to provide sustenance for the entire Jewish nation—men, women and children. Each year, to remember this, we eat matzah on the first two nights of Pesach.
Grape Juice
Kiddush, the holy blessing on a glass of grape juice, literally means “sanctification.” We sanctify Shabbat by verbally declaring it separate. Kiddush is an act of consciousness, when we mindfully choose to set the worries of the week aside and meditate on the beauty of the present moment.
Many of the elements of this sensory experience appear on the seder plate (k’arah), which serves as the centerpiece of the seder table. The seder plate traditionally holds five or six items, each of which symbolizes a part (or multiple parts) of the Passover story.

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Shabbat-To-Go is the convenient, kosher way to get connected with your Jewish identity. Each of us yearn to live lives enriched by meaning, but sometimes it’s hard to make the first move. With Shabbat-To-Go, Shabbat will come to you. 

Everything you could possibly need to have a fulfilling weekend brimming with physical and spiritual pleasure will arrive at your doorstep. 

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have kept Shabbat alive on the three pillars of Challah, Kiddush, and Candle Light. Now it’s your turn. Experience Shabbat like you never have before— right here in the UAE.

The Shabbat-To-Go includes:

  • 2 Freshly Baked Challot
  • 1 Kedem grape juice bottle
  • 1 Kiddush Cup
  • 2 Shabbat Candles

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Shabbat?

Shabbat is observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. To find out the exact time to welcome Shabbat in Dubai, look at the footer of the site.

When will my order arrive?

Your individually wrapped, sanitized Shabbat-To-Go package will be delivered to your door on Friday before Shabbat!.

Is it too late for me to start a subscription?

It’s never too late! You can sign up any time.

Is the Challah fresh?

The golden brown crust and buttery soft texture will speak for itself! Yes, our succulent rolls are baked fresh every week in the 5 Star restaurant of the Armani Hotel.

Is everything Kosher?

Absolutely! We adhere to the highest orthodox kosher standards every step of the way. Our Challah is baked in a fully kosher kitchen where milk and meat are kept separate, eggs are inspected for blood, and all ingredients are stamped with an orthodox kosher certification.

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